In a study conducted by researchers from Japan’s University of Tokyo, the relationship between the history of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in a spouse and the increased risk of cardiovascular (CV) events in the other. However, limited information is available on this topic. Therefore, the researchers evaluated the study using the data available on the Japan Medical Data Center database on the married couples from April 2008 to August 2018. Later, a cohort study was conducted with matched-pair, where people who did not have any history of CVD but spouse had a record of CVD at the first medical check-up (exposure group) versus a group of four people where none of the spouses had a history of CVD at the first medical check-up with similar sex, birth year and first medical check-up year (non-exposure group). 

Overall, 236,527 married couples (473,054 spouses) were enrolled in the study, among which 13,759 people from the exposure group were matched with 55,027 people from the non-exposure group. In these two groups, severe CV events post first medical check-up were compared.


It was recorded that the percentage of patients with severe CV events, compared to the non-exposure group, was much more significant in the exposure group (hazard ratio-1.48) during the 95-month mean observational phase post first check-up. In addition, the sex-based stratified analysis found that the hazard ratios to the spouse’s history exposure of CVD for severe CV events men and women were 1.68 and 1.22, respectively.


Looking at the results, it was concluded that cardiovascular events in men are higher than in women when the spouse has a history of cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, research on this topic is limited, and further studies are required to invent prevention strategies and confirm this study's findings.


Disease Condition,Coronary Artery Disease ,Cardiovascular diabetes,Acute Coronary Syndrome,Diabetes and Heart disorders



Disease Condition ,Coronary Artery Disease,Cardiovascular diabetes,Acute Coronary Syndrome,Diabetes and Heart disorders