The fortress introducer sheaths sizes 7- and 8F are now available in the US and countries that recognize CE Mark approval.  

To provide access and facilitate percutaneous introduction of guidewires, catheters and other devices into the femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal arteries, fortress introducer sheaths are used. They also maintained hemostasis during diagnostic and interventional procedures. To ensure excellent kink and deformation resistance, the sheath is reinforced with a polymer-embedded stainless-steel coil. 

Dr,Torsten FuB, head of internal and intensive care medicine at the elblandklinikum radebeul in radebeul, Germany said that complex vascular procedures need the right tools to simply workflows and lower risks for patients. The fortress 7F and 8F introducer sheaths sizes reduced friction when going over the bifurcation due to their smooth dilator-to-sheath transition. Compared to other introducers on the market, it was easier to insert and had excellent pushability in difficult access presentations like pre-operated and calcified groins.  

The new line extension sizes not only preserved the existing benefits of Fortress introducers sheaths but also offered compatibility with 7F and 8F devices for endovascular procedures including the use of covered stents and atherectomy devices. 

Fortress introducer sheath is now available in full size range from 4F to 8F, with the introduction of these new sizes.  

Dr. alexander uhl, the president of vascular intervention at BIOTRONIK commented that Fortress introducer sheaths have proven to be favorite with interventionalists due to their excellent kink resistance and their ease of use. The expansion of Fortress introducer sheaths to 7F and 8F-compatibility enabled physicians to employ the use of Fortress with a broader range of procedures including most atherectomy devices and covered stents. 


Therapeutic Modality,Interventional Cardiology,Pharmacotherapeutics,Percutaneous Coronary Intervention,Trans catheter Therapy,TPHT_others



Therapeutic Modality ,Interventional Cardiology,Pharmacotherapeutics,Percutaneous Coronary Intervention,Trans catheter Therapy ,TPHT_others