The ECDP algorithms created by the writing committee include guidance on managing bleeding in patients on DOACs and VKAs, which are described in the following text. For ease of clinical use, the algorithms are also summarized.

DOAC = direct-acting oral anticoagulant; IV = intravenous; OAC = oral anticoagulant, including DOACs and VKAs; PCC = prothrombin complex concentrate; PO = per os “by mouth”; RBCs = red blood cells; VKA = vitamin K antagonist

∗Reversal/hemostatic agents include repletion strategies such as PCCs, plasma, vitamin K, and specific reversal agents for DOACs (e.g., idarucizumab for dabigatran; andexanet alfa for apixaban or rivaroxaban).


DOAC bleeding consensus document



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